Ryan Kennedy


Ryan is dedicated to the solar industry and has been since the beginning of his career. As editor of pv  magazine USA, Ryan reports on solar, energy storage, and related fields, bringing insights to the industry  through data analysis, expert interviews, and persistent research. In his first year as editor at pv  magazine USA, he boosted monthly pageviews by over 100% year-over-year.  

Previous to pv magazine USA, Ryan’s background working in residential solar as well as US solar  manufacturing informs his writing with direct, hands-on industry experience, arming him with intimate knowledge of the needs of solar developers and their customers. This direct experience allows Ryan to  work closely with industry players, speaking the language of the trade. This leads to an impactful  research process that is centered on actionable insights and results. 

Simultaneous to his work within pv magazine, Ryan is furthering his education, and is expected to  receive a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Management from the University of  Connecticut. Coursework includes numerous courses in energy law and policy, taken alongside JD  students, which have honed Ryan’s ability to apply policy and regulation to market analysis. Ryan has  centered this degree on the solar industry, completing work like a 25 page legal research paper on the  benefits of residential rooftop solar supportive policy and a practicum reflecting on his experiences with  pv magazine. This builds upon his education in Management with a specialization in Sustainability at the  Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts. He was a member of Divest UMass  and participated in the school’s increased adoption of solar throughout campus. 

Ryan is in solar for numerous reasons, chief among them being the environmental sustainability relative  to our world’s current energy systems. The economic potential and the futurism involved in envisioning  and building this energy transition are also highly appealing aspects of solar. Ryan looks forward to a day  when energy is reliable, clean, decentralized, and affordable for all.