Solar Intelligence

At PV Intel, we believe that data should be easy to access and easy to understand. Taking raw data and transforming it into useful information is an art form as much as a science. It requires aligning your goals and strategies with methods. We understand how people behave in conditions of uncertainty, what kinds of environments they act in, and the frameworks they use to make decisions. Here’s our process.

Data Collection

We start by collecting, curating, and transforming raw data into useful information. We acquire data from diverse sources, set up calculations and reports, and provide the structure that you need to better access the specific data you want. These tools include reports, tables, graphics, and dynamic data visualizations.


The best reports are greater than simply the sum of their parts. We craft user-friendly data dashboards and visualizations to help our clients navigate and sift through the sometimes-messy sandbox of ideas, data, and information.

Analysis + Insights

Our team listens and we create. Crafting the tools and reports you need to connect the dots. By understanding your goals, connecting various data sources, and adding broader context, we highlight specific, relevant information. Through this process we co-produce novel insights to help you gain clarity to make better decisions.

Data Products

The products we offer get at the heart of your business intelligence needs. We start by asking important, primary questions of our particular clients and then go about answering them using innovative methods. The final product may be a bespoke report, or a custom dashboard to help you track and sort through data to reveal trends and answer questions. Whether it be tracking the very most up-to-date EIA data releases, analyzing regional interconnection queues, or tracking down hard-to-find intelligence, our team can provide data solutions that you need.

Solar Project Risk Analysis

An investor or financier might want to know…

Q: What’s the probability that any given solar development project will actually succeed? 

Methods: We conduct an in-depth analysis of the interconnection queues in the region you’re exploring and produce a set of projects that fit the criteria for varying levels of risk.

Solar Project Valuation

Financiers want to develop a portfolio of solar development investments. They may want to know… 

Q: How much are particular solar plants worth and what are the prospects for the land that surrounds them? 

Methods: Publicly available information may be highly variable in quality or hidden from easy viewing. We hunt down all the details required to make a valuation, vet the sources, and compile the data before producing valuation ranges you can count on.

New Market Analysis

Perhaps a residential solar developer is expanding into a new market. They might ask…

Q: What are the most fruitful neighborhoods in this metro region to sell our solar + storage products? 

Methods: We pull together demographic data and combine that with data that reflects the social context within a particular region. Each region is also constrained by their own unique regulatory environment, so that goes into the consideration as well. The final product maps out the best places to sell into for that particular product.

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